Update your bookmarks; TL is moving!


Dear TL Readers and Writers,

Theological Librarianship is moving to a new URL this summer. Beginning June 2, 2020, all new article submissions should come through our new address at Book reviews may continue to be submitted at the current site ( through July 1, 2020, but must be submitted at the new URL thereafter.

If you already have a user account at the current site, your existing username and password can also be used to log in at the new TL website. If you don't have an account for TL yet, please register on the new site.

Back issues of Theological Librarianship will remain on the current site until mid-October, at which time the full archive will be available on the new site. We encourage everyone to update their bookmarks to the new URL by October 2020.

Whether you're a long-time reader or a first-time visitor, thank you for coming to and we look forward to seeing you again at!

–The TL Editorial Board