Titles for Review

Theological Librarianship actively seeks scholars of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and career stages to review new works of interest to theology and/or religious studies subject specialists.

Below are titles for which we are currently soliciting reviews. Please click the title link for the volume that interests you to email the reviews editor. The  reviews editor will then respond with further instructions.

If you are aware of a new title not appearing here that would be relevant for our readers, please email the reviews editor directly.


Titles for Review (Updated Feb 2020)


Books at the Intersection of Librarianship and Theology/Religious Studies

Believing in Bits: Digital Media and the Supernatural
by Simone Natale and Diana Pasulka
Oxford University Press

The essays collected in this volume challenge and redefine established understandings of digital media and culture by employing the notions of belief, religion, and the supernatural.

Among Digitized Manuscripts: Philology, Codicology, Paleography in a Digital World
by L. W. C. van Lit, O.P.

If you work with digital photos of manuscripts or archival materials, Among Digitized Manuscripts provides the conceptual and practical toolbox for you to create a state-of-the-art methodology and workflow. No previous computer knowledge is required.


Reference Works in Theology/Religious Studies

The Oxford Handbook of Mary
by Chris Maunder
Oxford University Press

This handbook offers an interdisciplinary guide to Marian Studies, including chapters on textual, literary, and media analysis; theology; Church history; art history; studies on devotion in a variety of forms; cultural history; folk tradition; gender analysis; apparitions and apocalypticism.

Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions
edited by Henry Gooren

This encyclopedia provides an overview of the main religions of Latin America and the Caribbean--both their centralized transnational expressions and their local variants and schisms. These main religions include (but are not limited to) the major expressions of Christianity (Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Pentecostalism, Mormonism, and Jehovah’s Witnesses), indigenous religions (Native American, Maya religion), syncretic Christianity (including Afro-Brazilian religions like Umbanda and Candomblé and Afro-Caribbean religions like Vodun and Santería), other world religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam), transnational New Religious Movements (Scientology, Unification Church, Hare Krishna, New Age, etc.), and new local religions (Brazil’s Igreja Universal, La Luz del Mundo from Mexico, etc.).

Revised New Jerusalem Study Bible: Study Edition
edited by Henry Wansbrough

This comprehensive study edition is the world's first presentation of the full Revised New Jerusalem Bible, complete with study notes, cross-references, and book introductions. It has been prepared and edited for a modern readership by Dom Henry Wansbrough, OSB, who was general editor of the New Jerusalem Bible.